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This lovely Bavarian village located in the Great Lakes Bay Region on the east side of Michigan is a great place to visit. It's an absolutely unbelievable sight that left us awestruck. Bronner's is the world's largest Christmas storecovering 2. Yeah, it's that big! We wandered throughout the store, in absolute awe of the size of the store and the fantastic displays. They have around trees on display that is very inspiring! Bronner's Christmas Wonderland has every theme, color scheme and subject matter covered!

Just finished a marathon? Looking for an airplane or sushi ornament? They've got it. My friend found a light set that she just had to have! Such fun in Frankenmuth! I can't believe that I have lived in the area my whole life and never discovered this beautiful chapel until now. The Chapel is not not available for services, it is simply for viewing. The inside is very small and the front of the chapel is partitioned off with glass to preserve the beauty.

Outside is a very interesting display of verses in various languages. By then we were starving and where do you go when hungry in Frankenmuth, Michigan? Duh, The Bavarian Inn! Well, you can order the large meal anytime shown belowbut just so you know, you can order a much smaller lunch. We both ordered the two piece chicken lunch which came with a salad, bread, Frankenmuth love friends chat and mashed potatoes with gravy. Our server was very friendly and kind. I love eating at the Bavarian Inn for the cheerfulness and comfort factor. I mean how cool is that!? We were so incredibly excited to go behind the scenes in the Bavarian Inn kitchen rolling pretzels!

I mean, I am giddy for pretty much any tour so this was no exception. To begin, we walked through the kitchen and got to check out the massive mixers, bags of flour, long counter tops and kitchen utensils. I adore seeing commercial kitchens so this was fascinating. This was a good start for our day of fun in Frankenmuth.

Frankenmuth love friends chat

We then donned hairnets and silly pretzel glasses as we learned about the fascinating history of pretzel making. Basically, a priest deed the pretzels with a Godly influence and also was used to bribe the children to learn their Bible verses. We were them instructed how to roll and shape our very own pretzels! Plus we learned the dough was only three ingredients We then headed back to the main shops while the pretzels were sprinkled in salt and baked.

We had 25 minutes to wait until our piping hot pretzels were ready so we decided to do some wine tasting!! We are coming back here!

Frankenmuth love friends chat

We had time to spare so we bellied up to the tasting counter and had a great time trying a wide variety of wines! We greatly enjoyed the experience as the girl pouring the wines told us all about the different languages she was learning so she could better interact with their world wide customers. The Bavarian Inn had a wide variety of wines to sampleranging from dry reds to sweet whites to dessert wines. We tried six different ones until we noticed our hot pretzels were being rolled out.

Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen in Frankenmuth Michigan is a super fun store Frankenmuth love friends chat you can see fudge, caramel corn and other treats being made. Continue your day of fun in Frankenmuth by checking out this adorable shop! The shop is fantastic and offers bedding options such as pillows, comforters, dryer balls and so much more! Did you know that wool helps to regulate your body temperature so you can be comfortable in a variety of climates? Get a glimpse at the process to make wool at the Frankenmuth woolen mill! Their wool is obtained from California, so all the work is sourced and completed in the USA!

The Frankenmuth Taffy Kitchen, located right on Main Street, is a super cute shop that you must visit!

Frankenmuth love friends chat

The shop just recently underwent a renovation that opened up their kitchen space so you can see all the delicious treats being made! The Frankenmuth Taffy Kitchen has lots of other candy choices and gifts so come check them out!

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Frankenmuth love friends chat

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Frankenmuth love friends chat

About US. Frankenmuth Interactive Map. Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth Michigan. The staff personalizesornaments per year!! Guests purchases over 2 million ornaments each year!! In peak season Bronner's employ's over people to handle the two million guests that visit annually. Bronner's ships overeach year around the globe. It's cool that the call center, catalog and website fulfillment are all in-house handled. Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Dinner. Learn Pretzel Rolling at the Bavarian Inn. Learn Pretzel Rolling at the Bavarian Inn!

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Frankenmuth love friends chat

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