Ladies in town for business

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Ladies in town for business

Search Search. Boss Ladies. She has done it twice. Her first such experience occurred after moving from Nebraska to Louisiana. In Nebraska, she had not only built a career in corporate marketing but had also started a successful online custom jewelry and clothing business. In the meantime, she got married and had her son. Uprooting to a new state and unfamiliar city led to a sense of isolation. The most important thing to Riojas was the camaraderie the women shared. Each month they would meet and talk about their businesses and what they were doing at work.

She went from not knowing a single person to meeting new friends with whom she still maintains contact. When she and her husband, Andrew Riojas, moved to Corpus Christi over three years ago, her experiences helped her adjust quickly. She began reaching out to women business owners to form a group similar to the one she had ed in Louisiana. She goes on to reflect on her memories of the Louisiana group. So, when I came here, I already had that mindset.

I love the connection aspect of it. So, I met a couple of women who also ran businesses and they are fantastic. At first, many of the women she encountered were too busy to organize a group. However, she met one woman who owned a retail shop and another who worked out of her home. Riojas and her new friends decided to find a few more women business owners they liked and Ladies in town for business and whose products they admired.

She has seen collaboration after collaboration as the group shares customers, contacts, and products. But, we have this connection with everyone. Let us help you get the resources to get you set up correctly. The two met at a popup store where Thurman was selling some of her jewelry a few months ago. Riojas walked Thurman through what was needed to start up a business. Nancy Men, who owns the local do it yourself craft store, Oh My Goodness Boutique, serves as board vice president and treasurer of the organization.

A successful business needs to know their surroundings.

Ladies in town for business

To be considered for membership, the business must be legally established to do business in the state of Texas. According to Riojas, the business owner will likely get access to about sixty women in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area that are willing to grow and work together.

The memberships are tiered. The Founders Membership is for those who have been in business for a certain amount of time and who meet each month. The General Membership, with meetings.

Ladies in town for business

For young women or college students who are thinking about starting a business of their own, an Associate Membership is available. Riojas wants to keep business talent in Corpus Christi. Your money goes to fix those ro and goes to the education system. Your money stays here. Among the many benefits of an organization like this existing, probably the most exciting one is to see women business owners banding together instead of only seeing each other as competition.

Ladies in town for business

They build one another up, cheer each other on, and use other group members as resources to further their businesses. Where there could be rivalry, there is love, and that is priceless. Upcoming Events Near You.

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Ladies in town for business Ladies in town for business

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