Lodge swingers couples

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Want to have an extra sexy vacation? Then check out a swinger friendly resort! Whatever you call these sensual vacation spots, here are places you can go on vacation and find new friends share some hot playtime.

These adult-only vacation options are often clothing-optional and attract people that enjoy the sexier side of life. This couples-only resort is 20 minutes from the Cancun airport. It is expensive but worth it.

Lodge swingers couples

It is almost the same. It has about 20 more rooms so it is slightly more active but both are top options. It allows singles and couples. They offer a clothed side and a naked side with open-air sex allowed on the naked side. Focuses more on the party scene and keeps the swinging scene confined to your private hotel room. Offers restaurant service until 2 am, 3 full-bars, on-site swinger club.

Rooms have been renovated into themed mini-condominiums which can be rented for the night.

Lodge swingers couples

It has a lagoon pool with a waterfall and an oversized hot tub. It also 3 poolside bars and 2 restaurants.

Lodge swingers couples

It offers complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, breakfast, and lunch. This getaway has heated pools and mineral pools. Has about 15 rooms. It is built into the cliffside Lodge swingers couples every room has an ocean view. It has a pool, 2 hot tubs, and an on-site restaurant with a bar.

It is 3 stars. Tends to cater more to German and French guests. Nearby by nude beach and swingers club. Years ago it was the tallest building and had great naked parties on its roof. Now it has office buildings towering over the rooftop pool, too many single men and the building needs an overall upgrade. Offers a clothing-optional pool and a nude only pool. Has many room and suite options.

Tends to focus more on partying and less on sexy time. Be careful to avoid the paid escorts who greatly out the actual swingers. In addition to these specific resorts, there are also regions in the world popular with swingers.

Lodge swingers couples

Here is a rundown of lifestyle travel destinations. Cancun, Mexico — Home to three of the most popular swinger resorts. Here is a write-up to choose which Desire resort is best for you. This resort has one of the longest histories of catering to sexy swinger vacations. Having so many naked people enjoying the beach led to it having over 30 different swinger clubs and libertine bars in this one French town. Gran Canaria, Spain — When winter comes, the sexy European people head down to this island off the northwestern coast of Africa.

The Maspalomas region has opened up many swinger and gay-friendly escapes with dozen of clubs, hotels, guest houses, and bars with Lodge swingers couples nearby nudist beach. Many swingers think Sin City would be great but Vegas makes much more money from gamblers so they tend to ignore the swinger world. You can have wild fun in Vegas but you are going to need to make it happen. If you want a sexy lifestyle trip, you will be happier elsewhere. South Florida, USA — This region has nice weather and good beaches so there are some swinger clubs and smaller resorts.

Lodge swingers couples

Due to local laws, there are restrictions on alcohol, nudity, and fun. Unless you are local, you should spend an extra hour on the plane and head to Jamaica or Mexico where the swinging experience is much more memorable and the value is much better. These are places that attract outdoor campers who enjoy swinging in their tents or RVs.

Most of these places started as naturist campgrounds that ended up attracting a more sex interested crowd. Drive-in with your recreational vehicle, hook it up, and then make friends for hooking up later. It is an adult-only clothing optional campground but no sex is allowed in public. Sex is not allowed in public. Allows couples and singles.

Lodge swingers couples

Paradise Valley has a full-service liquor bar, 3 pools, 2 hot tubs, nature trails, sand, and water volleyball. Phew, that is a big bunch of swinger travel destinations. If you live locally to one of the other spots, they are a good option but if you are planning a grand swingers vacation, go with Desire, Hedo, or a swinger cruise.

Swinger Destinations In addition to these specific resorts, there are also regions in the world popular with swingers.

Lodge swingers couples Lodge swingers couples

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