STILL UP? Lets talk

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The brief consultations do not require that you make an appointment and are available by phone or by Zoom. Fall Schedule:. Submitting the form below will send an to the appropriate CAPS counselor. The counselor will then you to set-up a time for a zoom meeting or a phone call. The counselor will then send an with a link to a STILL UP?

Lets talk session or make the phone call at the agreed upon time. Still have questions? Log in using your NetPass information and complete the short registration form up to 24 hours in advance of the day you would like to be seen. The counselor will send an with a link to a Zoom session or make the phone call at the agreed upon time. When you meet, the counselor consultant will listen closely to your concerns, possibly ask questions and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources. In this case, just wait and they will you as soon as they are free.

CAPS provides ongoing counseling, which usually consists of attending sessions every weeks. An intake appointment is the first step toward linking students with counseling services. Part of an intake appointment is reviewing and ing formal paper work and assessing symptoms and distress levels. The counselor consultant will help you talk through your issues and help you determine the best way to get support. If you feel comfortable with the counselor consultant, it is sometimes possible to meet with them at CAPS in an on-going way.

STILL UP? Lets talk

Unfortunately, CAPS cannot provide ongoing counseling to every student who requests it. Yes, however, if your next appointment is not soon enough, it is best to contact your counselor directly to see if they can see you sooner or if you should use emergency crisis hours at CAPS. Express your concerns directly to your counselor. Counselors are eager to hear feedback—both positive and negative.

Often, an open conversation about your concerns can resolve any issues. One exception is that counselors may need to share information in a situation in which safety for yourself or others is a concern. In these situations, other CAPS counseling staff may see these notes. Information is also collected about attendance, so that we can keep track of the students we serve and those we need to continue serving.

STILL UP? Lets talk

Expand All What is it? Interested in a Let's Talk Session? I think I have a problem that would benefit from counseling. I was offered an appointment at CAPS next week. I went to CAPS and spoke with a counselor. They recommended a referral to a therapist in Ithaca or the town where I currently live. I am currently seeing a counselor at CAPS and would like to talk with someone sooner than my next appointment. What else do I need to know? Are there any limits to confidentiality?

STILL UP? Lets talk STILL UP? Lets talk

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