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Published on January 11, 2020

SuperPower Rings Origin Story! SHK HeroForce Full Movie Compilation – SuperHeroKids Power Rings available here on SHOPIFY:
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This is the full SHK HeroForce movie, all four episodes of the original SHK HeroForce episodes in one video! What are the monsters in the attic? Noah, Hope and Eden discover a hidden Virtual Reality game console named Game-Bot in the attic. Game-Bot has a portal from the game play world into Real Life and this is how the monsters get in. When the first level Boss monsters, Torch and Murk, enter Real Life in search of the power rings, the kids fight to outsmart the villains and protect their home and themselves from the monsters. While Hope, Noah, and Eden are trapped in the house, they battle the first level boss Murk, who has entered Real Life from the Game-Bot portal. The realtor shows up to take a look at the house before the family moves out. But the realtor isn’t just looking at the house, she’s looking for something else! The Game Master gives Noah top secret information about the mystery portal and why the bosses are crossing into real life. In the attic a secret code is revealed! Watch to find out what the mystery in the attic is! In SHK HeroForce Episode 3, Noah, Hope, and Eden uncover secret codes that lead them closer to solving the mystery of the hidden power rings as they continue to battle the bosses entering Real Life from the Game Master top secret mystery gaming portal. Noah has a funny misadventure with the next level boss Vortex. When Vortex’s stun blaster malfunctions, it causes Noah to have a helium voice instead! Mike the Plumber shows up to fix some leaky pipes, but he knows alot more about Game-Bot than he lets on. Is Mike a good guy or another boss come to take possession of the power rings? Watch to find out! Hope, Eden and Noah find all three power rings and battle to protect them from the game boss Vortex and the final boss The Red Skeleton! Is Mike the Plumber really The Red Skeleton? And who is the Game Master? Watch to find out and HeroForce Go!
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SuperPower Rings Origin Story! SHK HeroForce Full Movie Compilation | SuperHeroKids

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