Swingers wanting male

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Forgot your password? By curiousswingersJune 29, in Swinging Single. Ok we have been trying to find the right single male for a threesome and are having terrible luck. We make contact Let me preface this by saying that when we make initial contact there is a pic sent with the of both myself and my hubby full shot of face and body. We also state that He is extremely straight and we also say exactly why we liked the profile and what we are interested in. So Swingers wanting male they don't like how we look or what we want they simply can decline. What we are wondering is why back say interested and then when we say lets chat basically that's all the next states and we give our IM address and ask for his NOTHING.

Do they get cold feet? We normally also pick people who have certs too not that that means too much I know just makes us feel better that maybe they are actually swingers. Any advice on what we may be doing wrong or why they don't make further contact? Just trying to get into the single guys mind here, lol. Thanks guys. My guess is that the reasons they disappear are as diverse as there are people.

Others tell me that single men are notorious for not showing up. That may be because a lot of "single men" are really married. Have you considered finding a couple who would be willing to "trade threesomes? I'd agree with Alura, there are too many possibilities. They might really be married, they might just be picture collectors, they might have gotten cold feet, etc. We've had to deal with the exact same thing when we've looked for a single guy.

Swingers wanting male

I've heard from other couples that when you are trying to plan on having a single guy or two you you might want to consider "booking" several of them since chances are most won't show. Only advice I can think of is to keep trying.

Swingers wanting male

Sooner or later you'll get someone that is for real. We have played with single men for years. They do not step up when it is time for real play. They like to play the part on the Internet, getting their cheap thrills and many of them even commit to showing up but very few of them ever do. We now only meet at the Swing club. We tell the guys that is where we are at and if they show up great, it not, no biggie since there are many others to get to know there. No use wasting our time on the majority that never show.

We have found this to be true with many couples also, it is not just single men. OMG Hubby ed me this morning asking if this was me posting! We lucked out in our first search. Things changed in his life Swingers wanting male we are back to searching. We got very spoiled by that first search. Thinking it was that easy. We have a rule that hubby makes the dates. If they can't talk to hubby to set a day,time,place I don't feel comfy playing cause they can't respect hubby enough to even acknowledge him.

We are glad we are not the only ones finding it difficult Good to know we are in good company. Thanks all for the responses! Good to know that we are not the only ones :rollseyes or is it? I agree the net is a real crap-shoot for both singles and couples. MFM's are really our favorite activity and we have had the best sucess with aquaintances of ours.

Swingers wanting male

Neighbors, a guy who stops by Starbucks at the same time my husband does and they started chattingpeople that he sees around his building at work, etc. My husband has not had any difficulities in finding men 'able and willing'. I think it is partly because he is an open, friendly type that will start a converstation, make a joke with most anyone sex candidate or not. After he has had a few casual conversations, it's easy to determine if they would be interested more are than aren't, and even those that aren't do not seem offended.

Swingers wanting male

Also guys we have met as a couple - at a gathering, around the neighborhood, etc - have worked out best for us. For us, we've never really had any problems with finding a single man. In over seven years we've only had one not show up for a meet and we honestly didn't expect him to as he was new and had never played with anyone before One thing that we do is network with other couples who also play with single men. We've given recommendations to other couples after we asked the SM if he minded of single men we've had a good time with and we've also received recommendations from other couples.

When contacting them off an ad site, one thing that we've found works is meeting soon We don't spend a lot of time chatting. Also, we do look at the certifications, even though if they don't have one it's not a big deal to us. We've also found that men over 30 seem to be more reliable We have no rules as to who makes the date Also, we are usually prepared to play on the first meet as well. Single men have lives just like couples and if they've made the time to meet and we've made the time to meet, why not play?

We do that also, although I feel as if I'm gate-keeping for others Now if I had a nickel for every time I attempted contacting a couple, got two a two line reply and then nothing, Swingers wanting male would be very rich. I think that it is rude not to answer s. If Cousin Fester and his bride make contact with me and I am not interested, I do respond with a sorry not interested at this time.

I love it when couples do the same for me as well. Hey Im not Antonio Banderas. I think that some of you are dealing with people who dont respect the lifestyle. I think you have met immature people searching for sex. At age 22 a sexy beautiful 57 year old lady told me that swinging wasnt about sex. It was about the friendship. I took that to heart, raked alot of leaves that fall with some guys and found myself in total bliss.

I am neither, but do have 10 years meeting couples in the lifestyle. They may be married or other but have 45 minutes or an Swingers wanting male to go online and seek some fun at the expense of hurting someone else. Its no wonder that some single guys ruin the fun for the mass of decent guys. I think that by meeting guys in a club you have ruled out the cold feet, but sometimes you do run across those missing the personality trait.

I attend a club in San Diego and note some guys with odd and strange personalities. Joaninla- As I mentioned above, like you the alternative avenue for finding mates was very good.

Swingers wanting male

I was actually invited to a couples mixer by good friends of a partner. They typcially didnt allow singles but, they asked if I could attend and be the deated driver. In summary, I can only give one reason why guys flake out, and that is because the person sitting at the keyboard may not be the same person in real life. The anonymity of the net allows people to do this. Go figure. Most of the single men in our area are in it for the "could have had her" factor. They talk to you, you are interested, agree to meet, and POOF! They disappear faster than money in my bank. And thats pretty damn fast!

Now, there ARE good single men out there, I know 3 in particular. They are on the Swingers wanting male and up. But the vast majority are either morons, cheating husbands or just plain assholes. The best thing to do is to meet them at clubs or meet and greets in our opinion.

I have been told that once he agrees to meet you immediately ask for his phone so you can confirm that he is real right there NEXT" and move on. Asking for a phone right away seems to be a good way to weed out the wannabes and married guys. Wannabes are only interested in the fantasy the 'could have had her' playerand the concept of meeting in reality is too much for their little brains.

Obviously married guys are not going to want to give out their. If I'm communicating with a couple, I'm completely upfront about myself and my expectations I tell them about my schedule limitations being a dad comes firstmy experiences, things I like to do for fun outside the bedroom, etc. I believe in being friends first. Anyone who is only looking for a quick lay won't bother getting to really know you.

In general, anyone who is loath to share too much information about themselves be it a couple or a single is a red flag. Unfortunately only practice can help you read the s. I can't believe this. This seems so cliche. Swingers wanting male one end, sinlge guys are coplaining that they are not getting any response, and on the other, the couples are complaining that they don't get a response? With all of these singles out there, including myself, I just can't imagine that no one responds in a sincere way. If the guy is married, I doubt that they wouldn't follow through, really I doubt it's because they are married, that is a false interpretation.

Its an easy excuse to label us single guys as having some easy-to-explain fault.

Swingers wanting male

For a guy to cheat is easy, why would a guy pay money to be on a site and not follow through - really! Having a free membership doesn't give you the same ability or privalages to meet people. I'm bisexual and i get ALOT of that Of the literaly hundereds, maybe even over a thousand, men that have that have contacted us over add sites I can only think of maybe Swingers wanting male that turned out to be anything at all.

We've decided that add sites are a waste of our time and now Sharona only pulls from people we already know or meets through others we know in our vanilla world. I don't think they know the term 'HotWife', but they all know she plays with others with my consent, knowledge, and delight. I know this doesn't work for most Having your 'swinger' side intertwined with your 'vanilla' side, but it works for us, and very well I might add. The only downfall is not all of these guys can handle MFMs but we manage to fit one in MFM at least once every couple months. I'm a single male that has met with three different couples since I've been involved with swinging.

Two of them I've met with multiple times. Two of the couples did tell me about their online experiences with other males.

Swingers wanting male

One couple complained about the quality of replies that they were getting, and that some guys could not write in complete sentences. The other couple complained about fake pics, and guys not showing up for a meeting. They even had an experience where the guy was completely different from what he appeared to be in his pictures. The pictures were not of him, and he still wanted them to carry out the threesome.

I'll admit to backing out on one couple, but we had not yet set a date for meeting. I just explained my desire to take a break from swinging during a phone conversation with the hubby. My reasons were personal. So, like others have said, the reasons do vary. Still, the most common reasons are that they are lying about who they are, their relationship status, or their willingness to actually follow through.

Swingers wanting male

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